4 July - 3 August 2019

This vibrant exhibition by Nelson artists features large scale ceramics, illustrations, collage and a painting.  Lot Brandt and Sophie Holt are a mother and daughter collaboration.  The works they have created have a fantastical feel; strange and beautiful pieces that will leave viewers wondering.  Lot explains 'I love clay. It is a pure and honest material. People used it centuries before me. When I see work created by long lost civilizations, sometimes thousands of years old, I feel connected, and amazed…the tendency to tell your story through a hunk of clay is so ancient.  Sophie has watched me work on the kitchen table from the age of 2, and it is very special to have been working together as mother and daughter, each our person but together one.'   Sophie adds 'what I loved about making these big sculptures is that they take a very long time to make. That feeling when you open your kiln and everything is still in one piece- is one of the best feelings you can get. It was a new experience for me.'

Joining the ceramics are a series of works by Georgie Merry.  "This collection is inspired by the internet, magazines, commedia dell'arte and political newspaper cartoons.  The work is a commentary on identity, politics, and life in a world where we are constantly reminded that the end is nigh."  

Finn Delany's painting is a contemporary take on Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece "The Last Supper'.  Who would be sitting around the table in 2019 if Jesus was joined by the younger generation? This painting is on loan from Finn and not for sale.  

Read more about Sophie Holt Lot Brandt's collaboration here