'The Street Where We Live' - Group Exhibition with the 9 Artists from Mount Street.   12 March - 6 April 2019

This exhibition celebrates the creativity of many of the residents who live on this winding hill in the middle of Nelson.   Featuring Blake Twigden, Candy Clarke, Jo Kinross, David Ryan, Nic Foster, Lloyd Harwood, Brian Strong, Steve Webster and Stan Bowski.  


Michelle Bellamy & David Stones: A Personal Perspective of the New Zealand Landscape.   12 Feb - 9 March 2019

Bellamy is known for her incredible skill with the paintbrush.  She is able to capture the curve of a wave, the texture in grasses blowing in the breeze and the play of light across a mountain range.  Her passion for the outdoors is evident in all her work.  In this series she features the mountains and tarns in the Nelson Lakes National Park, the sun setting at Wharariki Beach, Golden Bay and the bays and hills around Nelson.   David Stones series of works are a culmination of a lifetime interest in the stunning native bush of Aotearoa.  Bruce Bay on the West Coast of the South Island is the specific inspiration for this set of paintings.  They feature towering Kahikatea, tangled vines, the chaos of flax and raupo wetlands with wind blown beaches strewn with gnarled drift wood.  


Summer Salon Show January 2019

On the gallery walls this January is an eclectic mix of works by our stable of artists: David Ryan, Wendy Lineham, Sally Reynolds, Rosie Little, James Kirkwood, Jane Tan, Nic Foster and Brian Strong and Sean Crawford.  


16 November - 15 December 2018

This series of large collage panels began their journey in 2006 when Robinson was working towards the Giants, Saints, Monsters Exhibition.  Since then they have been reworked and remodelled into their current form.  They have been previously exhibited in Seed Gallery, Auckland and in Nova Scotia where they won a prestigious award.   Subduction is a geological process that takes place at the edges of tectonic plates where one plate moves under another.  This results in huge underwater landslides and tsunamis.  Robinson uses these incredible forces of nature as an analogy to what’s happening on a psychological level when he creates his artworks.  He is digging deep, stirring up memories from his past, bringing darkness into the light.    The work is raw but composed with thought and care.  The paper is worked on physically: torn, scorched , layered and stitched.  Robinson uses symbolism and text as well as gestural mark making and drawing to convey meaning. The end result is an artwork created with a multitude of fragments and thoughts, that becomes greater than the sum of it’s parts.  The power and energy of Robinson’s art demands full attention from the viewer.  They are works to wrestle with and absorb over time

Robinson was born in Christchurch in 1972.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Otago School of Fine Arts in 2000.   In 2007 he was the Paramount Winner of the Wallace Art Awards. In Nelson Robinson had a Solo Exhibition at the Suter Art Gallery in 2010.  He has held prestigious residencies at the Sarjeant (Wanganui), the McCahon Trust (Auckland) as well as the William Hodges in Southland, and others in New York, Berlin and Melbourne.





ROSIE LITTLE:   'Heading West',  Golden Bay Landscapes

10 October - 10 November 2018

Rosie Little spent the winter painting a new series of work exploring the mountains, valleys, estuaries and rivers in Golden Bay.  It's a subject that Rosie has returned to again and again over her career as an artist.  But as Golden Bay is ever changing due to the weather, the skies and the light, it enables Rosie to keep producing works that are full of energy and a freshness that makes the viewer think it is the first time a scene has been painted.  The mark making is strong, the colours bold and the scale impressive.   Many of these artworks are now at Estuary Art - Rosie Little's own gallery in Golden Bay.  Please contact us for more information.


JAMES KIRKWOOD:    'Walters Bluff: Outdoors for the Indoors'
6 September - 8 October 2018

Kirkwood’s paintings are no regular landscapes. He is inspired by a diverse range of influences including the classical French Baroque period, traditional Chinese painting styles and how these are reproduced in Western art, extravagant interior design and garden trends from the 18th & 19th century.  These elements are combined in paintings that challenge and play with our perceptions.  There is a humour and lightness to Kirkwood’s work, but also a depth that will reward those who spend time deconstructing the layers.

Kirkwood graduated from the Elam School of Fine Arts in 1986.  Since then he has twice been a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards.  He has three paintings in the Wallace Collection and a painting with the Sarjeant Gallery Collection in Whanganui.  He was the winner of the inaugural BMW Art Award in 2005 and partook in "Sculpture in the Gardens" 2013 with a three-tiered personal take on a Chinese Pagoda.

Not all of these works are held at the gallery so please call ahead if you would like to view.

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