Discover new artworks that have just arrived at the gallery as well as work from previous exhibitions.  The gallery has work by artists from across Aotearoa as well as by Nelson artists.  Do contact us if you would like to know more about any of the work available from the stock room.  You are always welcome in the gallery to see the artworks in person.  


Ewan McDougall  Jump! 2020  oil on canvas  500mm x 700mm, $5000
James Robinson, Rhyming Couplet I, Mixed Media on Paper,  580 x 480 framed  $1,100
James Robinson, The Dialectic of My Self, Mixed Media on Canvas, 1000 x 1200,  $6,500
James Robinson, Rhyming Couplet II, Mixed Media on Paper,  580 x 480 framed,  $1,100
Luke Hancock, 'Endless', 2018, Mixed Media on Canvas, 610 x 760, $1,500
Ewan McDougall, Mellow Yellow 2020, oil on canvas, $7,500
Ben Reid, 'You almost tricked me twice' 2019, Edition 4/6, multi-plate woodcut, 770 w x 575 h paper size, $1650
Gaye Jurisich, Return to Tomorrow, 2021. Mixed Media on Canvas, 1400 x 1200, $3,500
Gaye Jurisich, Those who fell asleep, 2021. Mixed Media on Canvas, 1400 x 1200, $3,500
Jacqui Colley, 'Untitled' 2020, acrylic, graphite, oil pigment on cotton, $4500
Jacqui Colley, 'Untitled' 2021, oil on canvas, 650 x 700, SOLD
Rebecca Harris, Dubious Flowers I, 2021, oil on board, 600 x 480, $1600
Rebecca Harris, Dubious Flowers II, 2021, oil on board, 720 x 600, $1850
Rebecca Harris, Dubious Flowers III, 2021, oil on board, 680 x 575, $1850
Kate Fitzharris, Matches, ceramic, $400
Hannah Melville, S in the G,  Acrylic on Board  430 x 825  $2,250
Lianne Edwards, Larval Form V