The QDGallery is proud to bring you enriching exhibitions that change regularly. Here are some highlights from the past year.  If you miss out on a show and want to see work by a particular artist just let us know.  We often keep a small selection of work in our stockroom.  Join the mailing list to keep up to date with our exhibition schedule so you never miss out in the future.  

'What you see is what you see' 

Amanda Wilkinson, Simon Hunter, Kathaleen Bartha, Stan Bowski

20 April - 18 May 2024

This exhibition brought together four artists who strive for simplicity and order in their work.  All are influenced by the Abstract Minimalist movement that began in America in the late 1950's.  The artworks are not representative of anything else, such as a landscape or a still life.  They highlight the materials the work is made from and a simple composition. The rectangle or square are favoured forms and the work relies on the qualities of repetition, line and precision. 

'Triumph of the Heart'

October - November 2023

A diverse collection of work by four leading women artists.  Ranging from the surreal to the sublime, from hard hitting messages to the poetic, this is art with a deeper story to tell.   


LAST TRACE Pale Ice Dark Light

September 2023

These works concern events perceived while walking, with responses to the different terrain of the southern alpine regions of New Zealand.
My work begins with the simple act of walking.  Through this medium of walking, time, space and distance became new subjects.



July 2023

A show of dogs in all shapes and sizes with artists from across Aotearoa.  An SPCA fundraiser to bring some joy to winter.  $5000 was raised by the end of the exhibition. 


Nelson Jewellery Week:  April 2023

11 jewellers explore things they have in common via the premise of an ice cream date.  

Ann Culy, Bin Dixon-Ward, Becky Bliss, Catherine Truman, Laura Deakin, Michelle Hales, Neke Moa, Nellie Peoples, Sharon Fitness, Sue Lorraine, Victoria McIntosh

(Image from opening night - badgers with badges at the gallery)

Grant Palliser

February - March 2023

As the Covid Pandemic hit Aotearoa in 2020 and the country went into the first lockdown, Grant Palliser had just moved to his new home in Māpua.  This particularly unique time gave Grant the opportunity to explore his new surroundings. 

'While walking the foreshore every morning I was inspired by the ever-changing tides, skies, weather patterns and the seasonal habits of the bird life.'  Paintings inspired by this time and place make up the exhibition.  The title 'Abundance' takes its cue from the Māori meaning of the word Māpua.