Ewan McDougall + Claire Hughes

4 September - 3 October 2020
An exhibition of paintings by Ewan McDougall with Virtual Reality by Claire Hughes

'Unreal!' is a touring exhibition of oil paintings by the Dunedin neo-expressionist painter Ewan McDougall, with figures and motifs ‘brought to life’ by the Virtual Reality phenomenon created by multi- media artist Claire Hughes. Hughes has also brought in sound expert, Isaac Lundy. She describes her work with McDougall as “more than a 3-D reproduction of an artwork, it uses McDougall’s characters to create a new interactive experience.”  Viewers will see the paintings and don a VR Headset and become immersed in the vibrant world of the figures as they cavort in virtual space.

Ewan McDougall’s vibrant and primitive figures, animals and hybrid creatures have been part of his exhibition history for thirty years in Aotearoa/New Zealand galleries, including five Public Art Gallery Exhibitions, and in exhibitions in London, Valencia, Cremona, Sydney, NYC and Shanghai, but he is particularly excited about this innovative venture with Hughes, where psychedelic cave figures leap into life with cutting-edge technology.

'Jump' 2020, oil on canvas

Louise Marmont
'Hearing Spaces’

6 - 29 August 2020

"How we hear, what we hear, if we are heard, when we are not heard, and when we do not hear. With the use of ‘fake-news’, of music (and infill noise) that literally and metaphorically deafens us, of ‘smart phones’ replacing the reality of relationships and human intimacy, of denial (can’t hear, won’t hear) in the face of threats to human existence…the list goes on, I continued to expand my thoughts and imagery around hearing".  Louise Marmont


Shuffle & Breathe

Stan Bowski, Lee Woodman, Kathaleen Bartha and Mike Friend

August 2020

Artworks made during lockdown and/or influenced by the changes in our lives since the COVID pandemic swept through the world.   The title of the exhibition is taken from the Spotify playlist that was on high rotation in the home of Stan Bowski during the five weeks of lockdown in Nelson, New Zealand.  Huge gratitude to Parks for his musical inspiration and for allowing us to use his title for the show. 

'The Return'

June 2020

A group show of works under $500 to encourage new collectors to buy original art.  Artists represented include Lisa Chandler, James Robinson, Rosie Little, David Ryan, Jane Tan, Ann Braunsteiner, Greta Greenwood, Jo Kinross, Samantha Clyne, Kathaleen Bartha & Richard Sellars.  If you saw work in this show that you are still interested in please get in touch.  

Lisa Chandler

'Fall Out' , acrylic on paper,  $250 mounted

Paul Haywood

Rock of Rah

Feb - March 2020

Paul Haywood has a long held an interest in the art, motifs and legends of ancient civilizations.  In this exhibition he explores the spiritual beliefs and history of the people of Rah, a tiny island in Northern Vanuatu.  Haywood uses a strong colour palette and a textural surface to create works of huge impact. 

Haywood has exhibited at Whitespace in Auckland and C.O.C.A in Christchurch.  He currently lives in Karamea, on the West Coast of the South Island. 

The Giant of Rah, 2019.  Mixed Media on Canvas & Board, 1600 x 1900, $7500


Rob Dawson
Collate: A Photographic Journey

Jan - Feb 2020

Rob curated a collection of photographs that signified key times in his four decades behind the camera, from vintage black and white images to modern digital photography.  Rob studied Art & Design, Furniture Making and Photography in London.  He worked in the capital as a Photographer for 20 years before transitioning to Television Production.  He moved to New Zealand in 2004.

Down the Lane II  ‘Cheshire St E2’ July 1986, Gelatin Silver Print.  530 x 440  $900

Johanna Tyson
'The Unbearable Lightness of Seeing'

22 November - 20 December 2019

Dappled shade, motes of light, sunlight dancing on ripples in a pool; these are the moments that Johanna Tyson has created in this new series of paintings.  These are intimate paintings of private spaces, unpretentious and lived in.  Many of the interiors are inspired by the rooms of writers.  

Johanna Tyson was born in Dunedin and moved to Nelson in the 1980's.  Jo gets the most pleasure in sharing her love of art through teaching adults and children.  


Pieces of a Dream

Ann Braunsteiner, Fleur Woods, Frith Wilkinson & Hannah Melville

17 October - 16 November 2019

It's when the mind is free to wander, that the interesting things happen.   Four contemporary women artists, four very different ways of interpreting the world through their chosen media.  The feel of the works dip into the lyrical, the mysterious, darkness, strangeness and beauty.  Each artist has their own strong aesthetic which creates a lively dialogue within the gallery.  


Hannah Melville, S in the G, 2018, acrylic on board, 430 x 830, $2250

Jason McCormick

13 September - 12 October

In recent years, Jason McCormick’s art practice has shifted from being primarily focused on painting to involving ‘constructed photography.’  This entails building intricate and precise scale models of structures and then photographing the models in various constructed compositions. These end up either as stills or as stop-motion moving images.  Interested in the themes of ‘power and control’, McCormick explains that he is concerned with how his artworks might draw attention to false or misleading impressions of reality.

McCormick was born in Blenheim and currently lives in Nelson. He holds a MA in Visual Arts from AUT and a Bachelor of Arts and Media from NMIT.

Hall, 2015, limited edition of 3

The Passage, 2018, limited edition of 3


Nic Foster, Jane Tan, Sally Reynolds, James Robinson, Stan Bowski and Caroline Jones

9 August - 7 September 2019

Nelson is a town where the population seems to half once the days shorten and there's a need to wear a coat.  This group exhibition was dedicated to all Nelsonians who 'winter over'. 

Nic Foster, Headland, 2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 500 x 500, $900


4 July - 3 August 2019

Lot Brandt and Sophie Holt are a mother and daughter collaboration.  The ceramics they created have a fantastical feel; strange and beautiful pieces that will leave viewers wondering.  Georgie Merry presented a series of illustrations and collage  "this collection is inspired by the internet, magazines, commedia dell'arte and political newspaper cartoons.  The work is a commentary on identity, politics, and life in a world where we are constantly reminded that the end is nigh." Finn Delany is better known as a team member in The Breakers but he is also a painter.  

Holt & Brandt: Tattoo Man (SOLD)



Periphery (ice across path) 

24 May - 29 June 2019

"How do you evoke that which is sliding away, constantly changing, and becoming something else, where things are both too far and too close... sometimes a small insight will surface and in that one moment there is possibility and a chance to see and perhaps understand." (David Ryan).   The title of the exhibition refers to Ryan's search for the outer edges of places, the areas where other people do not venture.  Being on the periphery is often the most interesting place to be.  

David Ryan completed undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Central School of Art, the Victorian College of Art and the University of Melbourne followed by a Masters at RMIT University, Melbourne.  He has had 22 solo exhibitions in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland and Nelson, including the Suter Art Gallery.  

Coastal Cliffs 1, oil on canvas, 660 x 760, $2500


line by line: a collaborative exhibition with Kathaleen Bartha and Richard Sellars  

12 April - 19 May 2019

Multi media graphic and design works explore the ‘line’ in themes of reflection, transparency, layering, shadow and light.  "line is a rich metaphor for the artist.  It denotes not only boundary, edge or contour but is an agent for location, energy and growth.  It is literally movement and change - life itself". Lance Esplund

Richard Sellars, Flax 2, Print on Aluminium, 900 x 300

Kathaleen Bartha, Triangles and Stripes, Print on Aluminium, 900 x 300




Michelle Bellamy & David Stones

A Personal Perspective of the New Zealand Landscape  

12 Feb - 9 March 2019

Bellamy is able to capture the curve of a wave, the texture in grasses blowing in the breeze and the play of light across a mountain range. In this series she features the huts, mountains and tarns in the Nelson Lakes National Park.   

David Stones series of works are a culmination of a lifetime interest in the stunning native bush of Aotearoa.  Bruce Bay on the West Coast of the South Island is the specific inspiration for this set of paintings.  




16 November - 15 December 2018

Robinson's work digs deep, stirring up memories from his past, bringing darkness into the light.    The work is raw but composed with thought and care.  The paper is worked on physically: torn, scorched , layered and stitched.  Robinson uses symbolism and text as well as gestural mark making and drawing to convey meaning. 

Robinson was born in Christchurch in 1972.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Otago School of Fine Arts in 2000.   In 2007 he was the Paramount Winner of the Wallace Art Awards. In 2019 he had a Solo Exhibition at the Suter Art Gallery.  He has held prestigious residencies at the Sarjeant (Wanganui), the McCahon Trust (Auckland) as well as the William Hodges in Southland, and others in New York, Berlin and Melbourne.


she's blowing chunks, 2006 - 2018. Mixed Media on Paper, 700mm x 1000mm SOLD


'Heading West',  Golden Bay Landscapes

10 October - 10 November 2018

Rosie Little spent the winter painting this new series of work exploring the mountains, valleys, estuaries and rivers in Golden Bay.  It's a subject that Rosie has returned to again and again over her career as an artist.  But as Golden Bay is ever changing due to the weather, the skies and the light, it enables Rosie to keep producing works that are fresh and full of energy.  



'Walters Bluff: Outdoors for the Indoors'

6 September - 8 October 2018

Kirkwood’s paintings are no regular landscapes. He is inspired by a diverse range of influences including the classical French Baroque period, traditional Chinese painting styles and how these are reproduced in Western art, extravagant interior design and garden trends from the 18th & 19th century.  These elements are combined in paintings that challenge and play with our perceptions.  There is a humour and lightness to Kirkwood’s work, but also a depth that will reward those who spend time deconstructing the layers.

Kirkwood graduated from the Elam School of Fine Arts in 1986.  Since then he has twice been a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards.  He has three paintings in the Wallace Collection and a painting with the Sarjeant Gallery Collection in Whanganui.  He was the winner of the inaugural BMW Art Award in 2005 and partook in "Sculpture in the Gardens" 2013 with a three-tiered personal take on a Chinese Pagoda.

Maitai Beauty Spots II, 2018. Oil & Acrylic on Linen, 610 x 835, SOLD

Sanssouci, 2018 Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, 835 x 835. $3000